OHCRN is a collaborative network of health care providers, laboratory scientists, researchers, patients and patient advocates working to improve access to research, clinical trials and existing cancer registries.

The online OHCRN registry has been created to gather genetic and cancer-related data on inherited cancer syndromes in Ontario. This centralized information will be used to inform and educate researchers, the medical community, and patients.

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Information from individuals with hereditary cancer syndromes can be used to understand the biology, prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. By securely collecting data into an online registry, OHCRN helps researchers access information that can advance cancer care.


Note: The number of participants, participating clinics, and approved research studies will be regularly updated as new information becomes available.


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Individuals with a known or suspected hereditary cancer syndrome are eligible to join the OHCRN registry to contribute to research efforts.

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OHCRN aims to support research advancements into hereditary cancer syndromes through collaboration. Data will be available through the research portal for ethics approved research projects.

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“Bringing information together from Ontario’s patients and families affected by hereditary cancer through OHCRN will create a valuable resource for research that can lead to better methods for cancer detection and treatment. My hope is that future generations, including my own children, will benefit from this important work.”

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