Referring a Patient

If you have a patient who has a hereditary cancer syndrome:

    1. Discuss OHCRN and obtain oral consent for their participation and to be contacted
    2. Register your patients at by providing their full name, phone number, email address and consent to be contacted by a clinical representative from the OHCRN
    3. Provide your full name and institutional email address to verify your identity

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Capacity assessment:

Some individuals require a capacity assessment by a member of their circle of care team prior to registration in OHCRN.  The care team will determine which consent is appropriate.

  • Guardian Consent of a Minor: Participant is unable to provide consent for themselves. Consent will be provided by a parent or guardian in the enrolment portal.
  • Guardian Consent of a Minor (including Assent): Participant can provide assent, but not consent. A member of the participants care team will document assent from the participant and consent will be provided by a parent or guardian in the enrolment portal. 
  • Young Adult Consent (<18): Participant is able to provide consent for themselves. Participant will provide consent for themselves in the enrolment portal.
  • Substitute Decision Maker: If participant does not have the capacity to provide informed consent for themselves, the substitute decision maker can provide consent for the participant in the enrolment portal.